The Mysterious Death Of LaVena Johnson

I remember reading a short report on LaVena Johnson’s death that smelled fishy even with the few details released, at the hearings where Tillman and Lynch got most of the attention it is terrible that the ‘missing white woman’ factor came in and a black woman’s death was overlooked:-

Young Pvt. Lavena Johnson, a St. Louis Missouri area soldier, was killed in Iraq on July 19th, 2005. Evidence in the case points to assault and murder. However, the Army has been covering up the murder, calling the soldiers death a suicide instead.

1. Lavena Johnson was not a candidate for suicide, based on all of the accounts that described her personality, demeanor, her spirit, etc. None of that pointed to suicide. Also, she was nearing the time when she would be coming home and had been making plans with her family.

2. Secondly, from a physical/scientific standpoint it would have been nearly impossible for her to shoot herself in the side of the head with an M-16 with her weak hand. The bullet wound was on the left side of her head, but Lavena was right handed. Typically this is not how a suicide would be done with an M-16 rifle. In addition, weapons residue & forensics tests showed that she did not even fire the weapon.

3. Her face and upper body showed signs that she had been beaten. She had a broken nose, a busted lip, and her front teeth had been knocked loose. The funeral service workers had to repair her face before her funeral. Other parts of her body also showed signs of trauma.-

There are already well documented problems with rape within the US forces in Iraq:-

OR an alternate scenario could be that Lavena was a witness to or knew of serious criminal activity involving officers or senior enlisted folks over there. She must have saw something or heard something, and her superiors knew that she could be a witness against them. In an effort to guarantee that she would not tell what she knew, someone decided to have her killed.-

In amongst all the death of the illegal invasion her murder shows the real monster that is unleashed here, a murdering beast that serves only the elites who are insulated from any consequences. The best way of describing war is this- take all the crimes you can think of, all of them. They are then committed every day many times endlessly until such time as the war is stopped. That’s why it must be only as a last resort in self defence. This war was chosen and it serves no higher purpose other than imperial game playing for control of people and resources. Where is the honour in being in this military?

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  1. Tiffanie Says:

    That is a very sad and horrible tragic that happened to LaVena Johnson. I HOPE that they get to the bottom of this and find out the TRUE story! I do believe they will and the person or people who did this will pay big time.

  2. RickB Says:

    Hey Tiffanie, thanks for commenting. Yes it is very horrible and still no proper investigation has happened but the fight goes on!
    Also this is a revealing article on how women are treated in military culture-

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