Pig In A Poke

Here on the island we live under the squinty gaze of Chief constable Richard Brunstrom who while having some interesting ideas about drug de-criminalisation is pathologically obsessed with traffic policing. We learn to live with it, while violence is regularly a problem in the towns police are sent to hide beside the road to make those all important revenue raising traffic offences stick.  However this has turned into quite a bad week for one of Nu-labours top cops:-

Up to 3,000 motorists are to get their speeding convictions on the A5 in Bangor, Gwynedd quashed after a council failed to follow proper procedures.
The drivers were caught when a speed limit was dropped from 40mph to 30 mph near the Maes Geirchen estate on the outskirts of Bangor in July 2006.
A review of the cases found however the speed limit had not been properly put in place by the council.
The decision to drop the cases came after a review of the cases against 38 motorists, who challenged their speeding tickets. But the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said it had also advised North Wales Police that the decision applies to all others convicted of speeding offences on the stretch of road since 26 July 2006.-

Not too bad after all the council was also to blame but his force was very eager to start fining people the instant the speed limit was lowered, almost like it was a coordinated ambush to raise revenue, hmmm.

But then it got a lot worse:-

The father of a decapitated biker has called for a chief constable to be “sacked” for displaying pictures of his dead son without asking permission.
Images of Mark Gibney, 40, from Merseyside, were shown at a road safety briefing held by North Wales Police.

Now there’s a bit more to this story:-

He failed to spot the oncoming Vauxhall Astra in a dip and collided head-on at an estimated 95mph in a 60mph zone. He was decapitated and the driver suffered serious injuries.
A coroner later branded Mr Gibney’s riding “reprehensible.” The roofer had no licence, no insurance, no training and had a false number plate.

It was revealed last night that the controversial North Wales Chief Constable, Richard Brunstrom, showed gruesome pictures of the aftermath of the accident to journalists and local authority representatives at a conference to promote his anti-speeding policy.
Although his identity was not given, the presentation also included details of a distinctive T-shirt worn by the motorcyclist, which mocked traffic police with the message: “P–s off and catch some real criminals.”

So the rider is an idiot who was already breaking several laws, but from the description of the accident, a head on collision with a car, even if he had been doing the speed  limit he would still be dead. Brunstrom repeatedly stresses that breaking the speed limit is an antisocial act and is morally wrong, his enforcement of traffic violations is very proactive (utilising the latest Big Brother tech available, he’s now looking at putting cameras in cat’s eyes) with a dash of zero tolerance. However this case does not demonstrate that, bad driving caused this not breaking the speed limit (he had passed no test, if you want to reduce accidents then keep making the tests better and stronger, not everyone is suited to driving whatever the car industry would like you to think -and force manufacturers to make cars more pedestrian friendly with external crumple zones- and utilise the training advanced drivers get, now that’s a tough test, over an hour in a car with a traffic cop). What it does demonstrate is- someone with a t-shirt that takes the piss out of the police will have their death used by this obsessional Chief constable to feed his neuroses.

Brunstrom is not as terrible as some chiefs, after all I lived under James Anderton, ‘God’s cop’ in Manchester who thought Aids was god’s punishment. I was at a funeral for an officer once and he gave the eulogy, clearly enjoying the audience and the religious setting, his huge beard giving him the aspect of the icons that looked down on us from the stained glass windows, he’s in the sally army now (Lloyd Cole & the Commotions wrote a song about him don’t you know). Brunstrom is nowhere near as offensive but he does enjoy his power and the police authority are in his pocket. If this latest scandal forces him out, the surveillance industry will lose a friend but the people of North Wales will breathe a collective sigh of relief.

nb. and no, I’m not one of the people who was fined in Bangor.

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Blame The Messenger

So a student fulfills an essay assignment where:-

Students were told to “write whatever comes to your mind. Do not judge or censor what you are writing,”-

And he writes a load of adolescent violent fantasies, proving he is no loss to the world of literature:-

“Blood, sex and booze. Drugs, drugs, drugs are fun. Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, s…t…a…b…puke. So I had this dream last night where I went into a building, pulled out two P90s and started shooting everyone, then had sex with the dead bodies. Well, not really, but it would be funny if I did.”-

So the school reports him and he is arrested and could stand trial for something he wrote:-

The teenager’s father, Albert Lee, has defended his son as a straight-A student who was just following instructions and contends the school overreacted. But he has also said he understands that the situation arose in the week after a Virginia Tech student gunned down 32 people before committing suicide.-

The kid is 18 and has just enlisted to join the marines. So there it is, a violent culture that denies free speech and artistic expression, ironically when the work reveals the violent mind of someone who wants to become a conditioned killer at a time his country is involved in a genocide (Darfur with 200,000 dead at that time was described as genocide by the US. Iraq, using the same methodology that was accepted in Darfur to calculate casualties has over 655,000 dead, so by their own standard Iraq is a genocide.) and a father who won’t stand up to the authorities, teaching his son to submit.

So the school and community are wrong to threaten someone with jail for something he wrote and the student is wrong for joining up in perpetrating a genocide. The moral of the story? America can’t stand to face the truth of what it is and if you wanna kill people, make it brown people ‘over there’. Out of sight, out of mind.