Clamping Down On Gitmo Lawyers Is Covered Up By Al Qaeda Captive Story

So out of the two stories about Gitmo which one have you heard of?

The ‘high value’ Al Qaeda operative now ensconced in Gitmo.


The Bush crime family trying to stop lawyers from visiting and communicating with the inmates?

Huh? C’mon which? Now be honest. I know which one is No.1 story on most MSM outlets. And funny how this gets reported now considering:-

A US intelligence source told the BBC he was arrested late last year in an operation which involved the CIA. It was not clear where he was detained, or where he has been held since.

This is class A bullshit fear-mongering manipulation to cover up whet they are actually doing:-

Under the proposal, filed this month in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the government would limit lawyers to three visits with an existing client at Guantánamo; there is now no limit. It would permit only a single visit with a detainee to have him authorize a lawyer to handle his case. And it would permit a team of intelligence officers and military lawyers not involved in a detainee’s case to read mail sent to him by his lawyer.

The proposal would also reverse existing rules to permit government officials, on their own, to deny the lawyers access to secret evidence used by military panels to determine that their clients were enemy combatants.

Many of the lawyers say the restrictions would make it impossible to represent their clients, or even to convince wary detainees — in a single visit — that they were really lawyers, rather than interrogators.-

Plus the bullshit story is chock full of grade A war on terror talking points- Iraq is violent because Al Qaeda are doing it, if he’s in Gitmo gosh then that must mean only real evil terrorists are kept there so all the other inmates must be guilty.

Hey if he’s so guilty, put him in open court, show us how bad this AQ ‘mastermind’ is.

PS. Not to mention distracting attention from this:-

Army Gen. David Petraeus, the top commander in Iraq, said Thursday that the surge of U.S. and Iraqi troops into Baghdad hadn’t reduced overall violence in the country and that the situation was “exceedingly complex.”-

Lucky their Saudi chums helped out too with all those arrests of AQ foot soldiers.

FNT: Armando Iannucci- Happiness Is Precise Excess

One of the best conceits from his genius little known Ch4 show now out on DVD.

Now Say ‘Bottle Of Beer’.

The Iraqi government has criticised the US Senate’s approval of a bill requiring US troops to leave Iraq.
Ali al-Dabbagh, the main government spokesman, said the decision was “negative” and sent the wrong signals to insurgents.

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Refugess & Invaders

I was gestating a post about the Iraqi refugee situation then Riverbend declares they are leaving Iraq. I was thinking how the consequences of a war go on for many generations and many decades, like ripples spreading uncontrollably. The disaster of Iraq is still only in its first act, 4 million Iraqis now live away from their homes, roughly split 50/50 between internally displaced and refugees abroad. Most disgusting is the pitiful numbers the UK and US are taking and the conditions they put on those seeking refuge.

Get this, Iraqi’s are being stopped from entering America because the patriot act defines them as having materially supported terrorism. How does it do that? Well if you at any time paid a ransom to free a loved one, that’s giving money to terrorists, you are denied entry, if your cell phone was stolen and used by non US forces, that’s aiding terrorism. Put simply they are using bureaucratic evil to make sure as few refugees as possible get to settle:-

The liquor store owner is a Christian Iraqi. In July, he found a threatening note slipped under the door of his store in Baghdad. (Selling alcohol violates Islamic law.) The police could not help. With no other means of supporting his wife and seven children, he kept the shop open. The next week, five men entered the store, beat him, emptied the cash register, took his cell phone and demanded $10,000. Four days later, kidnappers snatched his 1-year-old son and demanded a ransom of $30,000. With the help of an adult son in Australia, he raised $10,000 and delivered it as instructed. The next morning he found a package on the porch: one plastic bag with the head of his son and another with his little beheaded body. The liquor store owner buried his son, and the whole family fled Iraq as soon as they got their travel documents.
What the Americans will want to know is whether the kidnappers were just after cash. Those who act “for mere personal monetary gain” have not committed “terrorist activities.” Then – and only then – would paying them a ransom not be considered “material support of terrorist activities.”

The civil engineer is a Sunni Iraqi whose family lived in a Shiite neighborhood. After the U.S. invasion, he got a job with an American company doing reconstruction work. He was abducted by Shiite militiamen. For 21 days, his family searched desperately for him, calling anyone who might pull strings to get him back. To thank those who came to their aid, they gave out prepaid minutes for cell phones, sent by text-messaging a code that could be redeemed with the phone company. In all, they gave out $3,000 worth of credits, some of which went to the kidnappers.
That may have helped get the engineer released. The engineer also used his own cell phone while he was held captive – an important detail. He was freed unharmed and left the country.
The critical question here will be: Were the cell phone minutes to the kidnappers sent from the engineer’s phone or from that of a relative? To transfer any form of payment to a terrorist is to “materially support terrorist activities.” If the bribe came from a relative, the engineer probably won’t be accused of “supporting terrorism” – unless he asked the relative to give the bribe.

The hairdresser is a single mother. She received threats by phone and in writing. She was told to close her salon, judged as unacceptable by Muslim extremists. In 2005, a man in a black hood entered her shop, beat her, pulled the crucifix off her neck and raped her. A week later, her son was kidnapped and the same man called; she recognized his voice. He demanded $10,000. She gathered $7,000 and paid the ransom. Her son was returned, and she fled the country with him.
At issue here is whether the rapist/kidnapper is a member of a U.S. government-documented terrorist group. Even ransom can constitute “material support” of terrorists. But if money is given “under duress” to a group that is not on either of the two State Department lists of foreign terrorist groups, the “material support” restriction can be waived.
Over the past year, I traveled to half a dozen countries in Africa and Asia and saw bona fide refugees barred from entering the U.S. because of obstacles that seem similarly absurd. But the U.S. government bears special responsibility for the war in Iraq, so the mindless application of “material support” provisions to Iraqi victims of terrorism would be particularly deplorable.
The 7,000 Iraqi refugees to be resettled this year in the United States have yet to arrive. So there is still time to pass legislation, or reform the Immigration and Nationality Act, to apply definitions that don’t turn victims of terrorism into supposed terrorists themselves-

For The Stupid- Blair Will Only Go After He Has His Ten Year Record

A re-post in light of some rumours and this dossier crowing about the bastard’s achievements-

Look I know you get paid to write these stupid articles and you get to claim expenses when ‘westminster insiders’ take you for dinner and whoring-BUT- Anthony will only choose to go after he has his historic ten year record in office. All he has got left is history and however big a murderous tyrant he was, dates and length of reign get the most attention. Julius Caesar? Genocide in Gaul is not the first thing most people will mention.

As the recent deaths of US presidents Reagan and Ford show, the fawning over the ‘great’ men has no relation to actual activities, a ten year reign as PM is a big legacy. So in future just print – all speculations over Blair’s departure are pointless until May 1st- . Maybe you should be writing about how a clearly criminal man cannot be removed from power in a so called democracy, or would that require stirring the mushroom soup too dangerously?

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How To Stop Civilian Casualties

Don’t report them! Yep it was easy really.

George W. Bush appears on Charlie Rose and asserts as fact that sectarian violence was down in Baghdad-

What a relief, oh wait:-

“Unlike previous reports, the new UNAMI Quarterly Human Rights report does not contain official statistics of violent deaths regularly gathered by the Ministry of Health and the Medico-Legal Institute in Baghdad,” according to a statement delivered by Michèle Montas, Spokesperson for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. “This is because the Iraqi Government decided not to make such data available to UNAMI.”-

-“Is it just a coincidence that when we’ve established benchmarks for the Iraqi government to show they are in control of the security situation, they withhold the only evidence that might hold the answer?” –

Genius! If a tree is blown up in a forest and the defenestration figures are withheld, the surge works!-

Human Rights Watch’s Whitson said that the move by the Iraqi government to hold up the statistics was similar to American policy on gathering wartime civilian death data. “They’re just taking a page from the US on this,” she argued. “In the 1991 Gulf War, the US kept records of civilian casualties, but in this war, they’ve refused to do it. Parties to the conflict have a legal duty to keep this information because it goes directly to evidence on the impact of war. How can you pretend to be protecting civilians if you’re not keeping records?

-the McClatchy-Tribune Newspapers reported yesterday that the Bush administration is no longer counting deaths from car bombings in its civilian fatality estimates.
“Car bombs and other explosive devices have killed thousands of Iraqis in the past three years, but the administration doesn’t include them in the casualty counts it has been citing as evidence that the surge of additional U.S. forces is beginning to defuse tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims,” wrote the news service’s Nancy Youssef. “President Bush explained why in a television interview on Tuesday. ‘If the standard of success is no car bombings or suicide bombings, we have just handed those who commit suicide bombings a huge victory,’ he told TV interviewer Charlie Rose.”-

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