Did Someone Say The ‘O’ Word?

The plot sickens… seems China are also in on the oil exploration tip in Ethiopia so it seems 2 empires are butting heads over the oily booty:-

 The separatist ethnic Somalis had warned foreign oil and gas companies to stay out of the region as long as the Ogaden people are “denied their rights to self-determination”.

It seemed only a matter of time as to when Chinese facilities in Africa, where Beijing is siphoning up raw materials to fuel the Chinese economic boom, would come under attack again. Zambians rioted over pay at a Chinese-owned mine last year, while Chinese oil workers have been kidnapped in Nigeria. But this week’s attack was the deadliest incident so far.

While Africa’s leaders may be happy to take the Chinese yuan, its resentful people are accusing China of being modern colonialists. Chinese workers are being exported to build roads, pipelines and other infrastructure projects, at the expense of the local workforce.

Cheap Chinese goods are flooding markets in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi and Addis Ababa, pushing local businesses to the brink.

China’s trade with Africa has risen from $2bn (£1bn) in 1999 to $40bn by 2005. Within three years it is expected to soar to $100bn. China is now the third largest trading partner in Africa after the US and France – and they are catching France up fast.

The British government has pointed out that China is pursuing its economic agenda in Africa at the expense of diplomacy and human rights. China arms the Islamist government in Khartoum, and its trade links with Sudan have impeded international efforts to halt the violence and ethnic cleansing in Darfur.-

Britain said what? Help, the irony. Head. Going to explode.

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Indiscriminate Shelling Killing Civilians In Mogadishu

The UN has accused all sides of war crimes:-

The UN humanitarian affairs chief, Sir John Holmes, today accused all those involved of war crimes.
“The rules of humanitarian law are being flouted by all sides … all factions are equally guilty of indiscriminate violence in a civilian area,” he said. “Civilians in Mogadishu are paying an intolerable price for the absence of political progress and dialogue and the failure of all parties to abide by the rules of warfare.”

Refugees are camped on the outskirts of the city, with water, food and medicine growing scarcer. About 600 have died of cholera and other diseases.
“At least half the capital is deserted, slowly turning it into a ghost city,” the UN refugee agency said.

-critics say Somalia has become a battleground for Ethiopia’s foreign agenda and Washington’s “war on terror” that will do little to bring long term stability.

The Islamic Courts government was popular in Mogadishu after bringing relative order and driving out clan warlords responsible for 16 years of death and mayhem. But the US believed it looked too much like the Taliban, with its ban on music and dancing and the qat narcotic, and that it was sympathetic to al-Qaida.

Washington encouraged the Ethiopian military — at the “invitation” of Somalia’s interim national government which was so unpopular it was unable to remain in Mogadishu — to invade and oust the Islamic Courts administration. The new Somali government includes some of the warlords who previously caused so much destruction.

A report by the Royal Institute of International Affairs said that US and Ethiopian strategic interests in supporting a weak and factionalised government that is far less popular than the Islamic Courts administration are an obstacle, not a contribution, to rebuilding Somalia.-

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Coincidences Of War

Or not. My previous post was about the US backed Ethiopian forces blowing the shit out of the Somali media now the MSM report that after intense fighting the Empire’s proxies have taken Mogadishu:-

Ethiopian and government troops are in control of the Somali capital, Mogadishu, after nine days of battles, the prime minister says.

So first destroy the media which goes largely unreported in the MSM media, then declare victory and no one is any the wiser about the charnel house you’ve just created:-

a UK think-tank has strongly criticised last December’s operation to oust an Islamist group which had taken control of Mogadishu and much of southern Somalia.

“Genuine multilateral concern to support the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Somalia has been hijacked by unilateral actions of other international actors – especially Ethiopia and the United States – following their own foreign policy agendas,” said the Chatham House report.-

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