FNT: Nine Inch Nails- The Beginning Of The End & Survivalism

NIN have just released their new concept album Year Zero, this small secret gig was broken up by fake SWAT police as part of the whole night’s performance which was presented as an underground resistance meeting. You can listen and if you’re savvy download (for free) the new album off the NIN website (which presents the possibility of the RIAA suing Trent Reznor for bootlegging himself).
Whether you like NIN or not this is fun and politically aware work, kinda 1984 meets Quatermass. There’s a breadcrumb trail of websites that relate to the fictional Year Zero world, but it all reflects current authoritarianism.

[Consuming or spreading this material may be deemed subversive by the United States Bureau Of Morality. If you or someone you know has engaged in subversive acts or thoughts, call:
1-866-445-6580 BE A PATRIOT – BE AN INFORMER!]

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Us Vonnegut Fans Have To Stick Together

When I was 11 my mother got a phone call from another mother she knew, the call was to say that her son who was in my class was being bullied and could she ask me to maybe hang out with him a bit and just see that nothing bad happened to him. Fine, happy to do it, the kid’s mother phoned as many of the mothers of boys in my class as she could. The next day out of a class of 30, about 20 boys were going around with the bullies target, we hung out with him and just mooched around, the bullies (3 of them) very quickly checked the odds, them vs. basically the whole rest of the class. Bullying over, not just because of the numbers but because it was out and public and bullies always look pathetic in the cold light of day.

The relevance of this is that recently a blogger got death threats and it all blew up into a frenzy and a code of blog civility was proposed. Well some of it I agreed with, some I didn’t, me civil? Hmmm.

I like to mooch around a few blogs and one I like very much is the Unapologetic Mexican and the point was made there that many minority bloggers, particularly female ones often get a lot of abuse but it does not cause as much attention as the Sierra incident. Shameful but unfortunately not surprising. Now a blogger called Devious Diva is under attack from fascist retards who are posting her name and details online. She recently wrote a series on Roma families being evicted in Greece, so you see where this going, who hates gypsies, women, minorities? You don’t need a History channel special to figure these dummkopf’s out. Whatever they may say in defence of this tactic the basic fact is if you post someone’s details online it is because you want their voice to be silenced. It is bullying, it is terrorism. You don’t need to see Costa Gavras’s Z to undertsand how the scumbags operate.

So all blogs of good conscience have a duty to unite in solidarity with the person being attacked and stand against these cowards. So show some support to Devious Diva and show the numbskulls the odds are always against the bullies.

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Chavez’s Zeppelin Force

Er, no really, um I think. A few news reports say the Caracas police are launching 15 meter dirigibles ostensibly to monitor crime in Venezuela’s capital. Now it sounds a tad April fool-ish but apparently:-

Blimps also fired debates about infringing civil liberties when used in New York and at the 2004 Athens Olympics.-

So it’s not so outlandish, but still it’s a bit Sky Captain, Master of the World, View to a Kill, Blade Runner -ish. Is this Big Brother or Master Villain? However it is still way less surveillance than the UK deploys on its populace and it’s way more fun. I have a strange affection for airships and also submarines so this actually just makes me want to visit Caracas even more, throw in a sub base:-

Venezuela will be purchasing three new generation submarines. German Type 212/214 submarines and French-Spanish Scorpio submarines will also be reviewed.-

and it’d beat Disneyland hands down (though with slightly more gun crime).

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Justin Webb’s Love Of Yanqui Cock Knows No Bounds

Hey Just? Hugo’s got a little something for ya.

Continuing his ‘series’ on anti-Americanism whereby he borrows the tactic of conflating opposition to a state’s odious activities with bigotry, (hello AIPAC) he focuses on Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela:-

You’ve got to wonder if there is any end to the capacity of the rest of the world to blame the United States for its problems. Nowhere is that more the case than in Latin America, where out of roughly 500 million people, 200 million live on less than $2 a day.
Why? Is it all the fault of the imperialists from the north? Or is just a little of it the result of local attitudes to poverty, local attitudes to honesty in government, and local attitudes to the rule of law?-

So on he goes, his floppy headed twitishness finding new shallows to paddle in while studiously gobbling the empire’s engorged propaganda. He is an appalling example of the punditocracy, a disease he has caught from the witless buffoons who fill the American press with their geisha-ing of the elite and their religious awe of ‘free trade’. Webb is an LSE alumnus so it’s no surprise he is a priest in the church of the free market and his crappy writing clearly shows he is angling to be the BBC’s Thomas ‘let them eat ipods’ Friedman:-

Trade between north and south is huge: Venezuela alone sells $39bn worth of oil a year to the United States. And millions and millions of Latin Americans benefit every day from the powerhouse US economy – from relatives cleaning cars in Los Angeles, making beds in Las Vegas and picking fruit in rural Georgia. They send money home to places where economic development is stymied by corruption and government interference.-

Yep, he really wrote that, un-fucking-believable. And in this whole piece not one mention of torture regimes, y’know the ones funded and trained by successive American administrations. Damn those mothers of the disappeared and their anti-US bigotry why can’t they just shut the fuck up and go clean some toilets so Justin doesn’t have to waste valuable writing-utter-shit time on menial tasks.

Tory Whipped Cream & Hot Blair Trouser Fudge

Yes! Go Norman ‘David Kelly didn’t commit suicide’ Baker.

Opponents have effectively scuppered a bill which would exempt MPs from Freedom of Information Act inquiries
Ex-Tory chief whip David Maclean had brought in the private member’s bill.
He says he does not want letters on behalf of constituents published – but it would also curb requests about issues such as MPs’ expenses claims. –

Meanwhile the fuzz hand over the files to the CPS:-

The file from the police investigation into whether people were nominated for honours in return for money has been handed over to prosecutors. A Scotland Yard spokesman said that what they consider to be their main file on the investigation was “a 216 page report with supportive material”.
He said there had been extensive consultation with the CPS during the inquiry, and this was the 12th police submission – in total they have handed over 6,300 documents.- 

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