The Right Decision

First Ahmadinejad used the sailors for propaganda and now we are using them for propaganda, maybe it will deter other people from joining up and being the puppets for the elites. But the Royal Marine Captain in charge made the right decision, US hawks are saying their troops would have fought back at the merest sight of Iranians, idiots. British knobheads who lust for the old empire criticise them for being taken and appearing on Iranian TV, like they had choice. Now the press try and talk up their treatment as horrendous while even one photo from Abu Ghraib is several magnitudes worse. It’s interesting to note the sailors were reminded they were on duty and under orders before they stepped off the plane.

When the Iranian boats approached, the Navy helicopter mysteriously left (conspiracy theorists might interpret this as the sailors being hung out to dry to create an incident, of course more likely is the reality of military cockups as opposed to the myth of machine like efficiency), losing their air cover the marine Captain took a look at the firepower trained on them and ordered his group to stand down. The right decision because if they had been gung-ho fucknuts; Firstly they would all be dead by now, and secondly we would be in the second week of aerial bombardment of Iran. That’s what the hawks are angry about, they lost out on their war.

What is going on is very dishonest indeed, the US and Britain are swamping the area with naval forces, helicopters and jets, the Shatt al Arab waterway is not that big. This of course plays into the hands of the war pimps. Like observing Brownian motion, with that many objects in the area sooner or later they collide and bingo! The monsters get their casus belli for war. Exacerbated by military raids and terrorist attacks happening in Iran caused by US/UK forces and the kidnapping of senior Iranian figures this is the powder keg plan. When the British sailors failed to provide the spark all sane people were pleased, all war pimps were not.

Which leaves us in no better a situation, the US/UK are now even more itchy and although the naval procedure is ‘being reviewed’ what should be done is to withdraw the 2 huge carrier strike groups from the Gulf , oh yeah you know what they are:-

a carrier – The carrier provides a wide range of options to the U.S. government from simply showing the flag to attacks on airborne, afloat and ashore targets. Because carriers operate in international waters, its aircraft do not need to secure landing rights on foreign soil. These ships also engage in sustained operations in support of other forces.
two guided missile cruisers – multi-mission surface combatants. Equipped with Tomahawks for long-range strike capability.
a guided missile destroyer – multi-mission suface combatant, used primarily for anti-air warfare (AAW)
a destroyer – primarily for anti-submarine warfare (ASW)
a frigate – primarily for anti-submarine warfare (ASW)
two attack submarines – in a direct support role seeking out and destroying hostile surface ships and submarines
a combined ammunition, oiler, and supply ship – provides logistic support enabling the Navy’s forward presence: on station, ready to respond

And that’s a minimum and there are two of them, a third hanging around plus all the Brit stuff. We need to stop pretending Iraqi water is owned by the invaders and is clearly defined (eejits pointing at maps as if some arbitrary lines justify WWIII). Of course the US/UK are still saying they are wanted in Iraq because the govt. invited them- that would be the puppet govt. installed by them. It’s like a murderous ventriloquist acting all innocent and claiming the reason for his crimes was his dummy told him to do it.

So every minute of every day another chance for an incident and all the MSM will go into patriotism mode and profits will jump as people are killed. Like the man said the one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. Is there anything we can do to stop it?


5 Responses to “The Right Decision”

  1. PoliticalCritic Says:

    With these countries all in the same waters, it won’t be long before they start shooting at each other. When that happens, WWIII is not far behind.

  2. madmouser Says:

    Many people seem to believe that war with Iran is inevitable. If this is the case, we might as well get it over with, the sooner the better.

  3. Mullah Cimoc Says:

    Mullah Cimoc say him ameriki so hypocrite.

    him so wicked and cruel for watch zionist media control tv show and get so stupid every day.

    him say him christian but never read him bible.

    him christ him teach forgiving. so many usa ameriki people say i am christian but not christian-just fake it for lie and love money and the torture. also the new refrigerator and 7-11 cheese nachos.

    for this all ameriki society destroy and the ameriki child girl she taking shot for destroy the reproduction organs. and usa government this forcing.

  4. korova Says:

    …the sooner the better???? Only in your world.

  5. RickB Says:

    The sooner the American empire collapses in violence and recession I think he means…

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