Idiot Journalist Watch- AP’s Steven R. Hurst

In a blow job of a piece on Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi & CIA stooge he says:-

In an interview with The Associated Press last week, Allawi said the U.S.-backed draft oil law has the potential to “cause a severe backlash in society.”
The draft law, designed in part to create a fair distribution of oil profits to all Iraqis, is perhaps the most important piece of legislation for Iraq’s American patrons. But the measure, which would give foreign companies some access to the country’s enormous oil reserves, has not yet been put before parliament.-

Er, is he actually on the same planet as us? Is this a parallel Iraq where the oil law wasn’t an imperial atrocity written by big oil/Bushco? –

Vice-President Dick Cheney, who said in 1999, while he was still chief executive of the oil services company Halliburton, that the world would need an additional 50 million barrels of oil a day by 2010. “So where is the oil going to come from?… The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world’s oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies,” he said.

Oil industry executives and analysts say the law, which would permit Western companies to pocket up to three-quarters of profits in the early years, is the only way to get Iraq’s oil industry back on its feet after years of sanctions, war and loss of expertise. But it will operate through “production-sharing agreements” (or PSAs) which are highly unusual in the Middle East, where the oil industry in Saudi Arabia and Iran, the world’s two largest producers, is state controlled.

Opponents say Iraq, where oil accounts for 95 per cent of the economy, is being forced to surrender an unacceptable degree of sovereignty.-

The AP provides copy for thousands of news outlets so one bad or bought hack can have immense influence, worse still stories may not be credited to a named writer so you may not know you are reading Stevie boy’s hapless fantasies.

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  1. Jim Says:

    What a turd this guy is! I just read an article where this moron compared McCain’s advertisements saying Obama isn’t experienced with the push polling done by the Bush campaign in 2000 where they called southern voters and asked what they thought about McCain’s black children.
    Then he attacks McCain for defending himself against Obama’s latest race-baiting Al Sharpton-style attack.

    Are there ANY requirements beyond having a keyboard to become an AP writer?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Steven R. Hurst is a liberal left wing propaganda stooge for Obama and makes a mockery of journalistic ethics.

  3. PittsburghVince Says:

    The answers to these questions from the left and right are found in the fact that Hurst has been the AP Baghdad chief, where he made sure all the news was bad news, and is now in charge of the US political desk. He is sent wherever he is most needed to prop up the globalist government-media agenda. Check out his latest agitprop piece “McCain at dead end as House rejects bailout plan.” Why not “Democrats split as Pelosi/Obama ensure bailout plan defeat”? McCain was nearly silent at the WH meeting where Obama clumsily turned a chance to be bipartisan into a shouting match. Pelosi’s diatribe against the administration on Monday, when she only needed a handful more Republican votes, sealed the defeat. But Obama is AP’s candidate to make USA into a Euro-style command economy, thus the AP doublespeak.

  4. RickB Says:

    Well fellas I’m afraid until you realise you have two conservative parties fighting over who runs an empire your partisan blinders are moot, but I guess you both are conservatives so good luck with that economy crash which disproves all of your ideology, keep thinking the corporate media’s liberal it gives us something in Europe to laugh at.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Steven is an extremely liberal writer who brings his left wing bias into almost everything he writes. He also is not a very mechanically sound writer, having read an article on the bailout that was posted to yahoo. he used terrible grammar throughout the entire article, and i struggled to get through it. when finished, i realized how many times he tried to swing left wing bias into the article, while trying to seem unbiased… the American people are not stupid enough to fall for your silly semantics, stop feeding them to us sir.

    • Anonymous Says:

      How is someone supposed to read you say that he used terrible grammar when you, yourself, use improper punctuation and fail to capitalize words…

  6. RickB Says:

    Yes, that’s it, he’s a lefty.
    cough *imperialism*

  7. ralfast Says:

    No discussion of the facts presented, no debate over the issues, simply that “X reporter is a lefty” and that is the end of that. How enlightenment!

    Yes, blame the media for the atrocity that was/is Iraq. Stab in the back anyone?

    Also, since the bill passed there is no need to blame Pelosi or Obama for it.

  8. ralfast Says:

    At least you’re doing something right Rick. I mean I wish I would get so many right-wing gadflies to hover over my blog.

  9. Ryan Says:

    “Passage of the stimulus measure — unprecedented in its cost — was a major triumph for Obama as he struggles lift the country from a financial nosedive unseen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.”

    From a new article of his, Steven left out the word “to” right before “lift”, and it is bugging the crap outta me. I like proper grammar, and this guy sucks.

    And Rick, I don’t like you either, Europe is just sad because the United States is the world power. Go find a less sound system to criticize.

  10. RickB Says:

    That’s is some bad editing to be sure Ryan, sloppy of AP.
    Ok, enjoy your sound system Mr Dominance!

  11. ralfast Says:

    “Less sound system”?

    Let see, a 10 trillion dollar debt, all your money in the hands of the Chinese, a poor educational system, no health care system to speak off, one, sorry two disastrous wars (at a tune of 1 Trillion dollars and over 1 million lives, and counting) and an imploding economic system.

    “Sounds” good to me!

    Also the whole grammar Nazi and “you so jealous” bits…the veritable height of maturity.

    • trendkill48 Says:

      I agree the national debt is too high & the education system is messed up(thanks liberal NEA), but I have to ask what 2 wars R U talking about? Also, I have wonderful healthcare coverage. Unlike government healthcare systems(ie. England & Canada) I can actually get treatment for, say, cancer before I actully die of it & our elderly citizens wont be denied drugs or treatment because, well, they’re old & gonna die soon anyway. No thank you. I’ll stick with the system Canadians & others travel too to get. One final question, who has a better ecomemy & is more productive than the USA?

  12. Bob Says:

    Is this person in any way related to W.R.Hurst?

  13. Joe Says:

    Are you sure that this guy shouldn’t head of list of idiots (irregardless of profession)? He appears to really be just another marketing guy in the news business trying to gain a name for himself because he writes in the form of the king’s english. I just read today’s article by him regarding Obama hosting a beer summit. It’s one of those unfortunate situations where in the heat of the moment of a frustrating time when the homeowner returned and has difficulty getting into his own home, only to find that one of his neighbors called the police. It appears the real issue here isn’t so much race relatiions, but lack of respect for the police. If the police had appeared at my house in such an event, I would have complied with their requests for ID and been appreciative that they had the proper concern to show up and try to protect my property. Playing the ‘race’ or ‘profiling’ card, only would show me to be a racist. And to write the article in such a way as to incite negative emotions, Mr. Hurst is doing this country harm.

    • RickB Says:

      Joe if you read the post you would understand I am criticising him for reporting form a US imperialist point of view. As to Gates, to be arrested for entering your own home is farcical the police are acting in an unwarranted and authoritarian manner and this is something people of colour have to face constantly, crying race card is usually a sign of lack of thought about racism and entitlements of dominant groups. Doing the US harm is only a problem for unthinking nationalists who often also are ignorant of race issues, Obama’s only mistake was to apologise to the police.

      • TheNoob Says:

        I was arrested for stepping off a curb between two parked cars and standing there for a couple seconds. It was called “Jaywalking” and the cop was black. Did anyone write about my story? It was a $30 fine. But, I had to sit in jail, and pay a $100 bond to get out. Because she didn’t like my attitude and when I stepped off the curb (not intending to, it was in my way while walking) she said “NOW I HAVE SOMETHING TO ARREST YOU FOR!! ALL RIGHT!!” and jumped me.

        My mouth wasn’t even LOUD enough for her to arrest me. My mouth wasn’t even DIRTY enough for her to arrest me. My actions and words wdid not give her any reason to arrest me. She just didn’t like the truth coming out of my mouth. So, she watched me until she saw something to arrest me for.

        But, more importantly, I think it isn’t about race but attitude. If the professor had been white, you don’t think he would have been arrested? It’s his mouth that got him there. Not his color.

        I will tell you what, you get a list of all the cases of people being arrested for refusing to cooperate, and show how many were white by white cops, black by black cops, black by white cops, white by black cops, and hispanic by white cops, and black by hispanic cops, and white by asian cops,…etc., and we will check out the ratio to see if it is color based or attitude based.

        I will lay down ten bucks that it is attitude. No cop likes a refusal to cooperate.

        • RickB Says:

          I would listen to people of colours’ experiences, yes cops are authoritarian but it is a different dynamic entirely, just look at the incarceration stats, this is not an unbiased application of enforcement.

  14. TheNoob Says:

    I am a left leaning centrist. I usually vote Democrat.

    During the last presidential campaigns, when all should have been a dance in the clouds because it was no longer “Anyone but Bush” but was now, instead, “It’s gonna be anyone but Bush, whooopeee” things began to go sour.

    I saw Obama morph from the well-spoken, sincere man I watched at the Democratic Convention in 2004, into an extremely liberal candidate who so very well hid his extremism from the masses, but became more well known to those who would just stop and read or look it up.

    I do not like conservatives. But, I also do not like extremists. Right or Left, doesn’t matter.

    Now, my point: Steven R. Hurst has written a few articles that made me remember his name like an irritating tickle at the back of my brain. So, today, when i read this next one, I did a search on him and found that he is now a White House reporter. Oh joy. And your blog. Amongst other juicy things. Here is what got under my skin:

    Analysis: Obama lets NKorea’s Kim save face

    Daniel Sneider, associate director of research at Stanford University’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, said the journalists’ release followed weeks of quiet negotiations between the State Department and the North Korean mission to the United Nations. Clinton “didn’t go to negotiate this, he went to reap the fruits of the negotiation,” Sneider said.

    First, who the $$*&%#$$ is Daniel Sneider? Stanford U? And, I suppose, this means he is INSIDE THE FREAKING WHITE HOUSE? Nope. Just a smartass guy like the Professor Gates, throwing his credentials around. Must have impressed our Steven R. Hurst.

    Anyway, the story works not so subtly at making sure everyone knows that Bill Clinton is a nobody who had nothing to do with anything other than as an escort (heh), and didn’t even get to have the gift of Obama talking to him about anything before being sent there to do Obama’s secret plan that no one else had anything to do with other than Obama, it was his brilliant master plan that only he was able to accomplish, but it’s a secret.

    To me, Obama is as smug as George W. Bush, and this so-called (yellow) journalist, Steven R. Hurst, who helps “leak” what the White House wants to “unofficially” say, will never be exposed as anything other than a great journalist who made his way to the White House.

    I just can’t stand journalists who hide editorials in their “fair and objective” reporting.

    The Walter Cronkite’s are either dead or dying. It’s the sheeple dogs who make it now.

  15. RickB Says:

    Obama is a centrist, a conservative one in many respects, just as Clinton was, both follow neoliberal diktats as did Bush. (I would peruse this for some fun)-

    The US political centre of gravity is far to the right compared to most industrialised nations. At least the current admin is not hell bent on a confrontation with N. Korea, although fundamentally no Whitehouse has been against US imperialism, it’s mostly about style of management than real political choice.

    • TheNoob Says:

      Obama’s record and recorded opinions reflect a very left approach which is effectively covered in a moderate presentation for the sake of obscuring an image which could detract the strong moderate vote. Also, birds of a feather flock together. Having the heritage of a long line of midwestern women, I believe in the accuracy of a sound adage.

  16. RickB Says:

    Obama is not ‘very left’ by an objective criteria he is a centrist or ‘neoliberal progressive’. In terms of US hegemony he is a conservative. Nader or Kucinich are left wing, which is why they had zero chance in the corporate funded management race that the elections represent.

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