Spring Has Sprung


This was my backyard yesterday lunchtime, it was a bit hazy, but nonetheless be of good cheer, spring is here.

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The Negro Breaker

Donald Rumsfeld is above the law:-

A US court has dismissed a lawsuit against former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld over claims prisoners were tortured in Iraq and Afghanistan.The court accepted that the nine men who sued had been tortured – and detailed the torture in its ruling. But Judge Thomas Hogan ruled the five Iraqis and four Afghans did not have US constitutional rights, and also that Mr Rumsfeld was immune from such suits.

The nine men suffered abuse including being:
hung upside-down and slapped until they lost consciousness
stabbed with knives
subjected to electric shocks
deprived of sleep by loud noises and bright lights
grabbed by aggressive dogs
They also were subjected to sexual humiliation.
None was ever charged with a crime.
All were released after detentions of one month to one year. Some were detained multiple times. – BBC via bureau of counter propaganda

Now Donny boy has a rather spiffy weekend house he bought only recently in Chesapeake Bay, Dick Cheney has a place nearby. The house is known as mount misery because it belonged to Edward Covey, not just a rich man and slave owner, but a man known as a ‘negro breaker’. He took pride in making slaves obey him using any means he could, other owners sent the most rebellious slave to him:-

The most famous slave Covey tried to break was Frederick Douglass, who later escaped and wrote “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,” one of the era’s most important anti-slavery tracts.
“Covey succeeded in breaking me,” Douglass wrote. “I was broken in body, soul and spirit.” On a hot day in August 1833, Douglass collapsed in the field. Covey “was at the house,” about 100 yards from where Douglass had been toiling. Seeing Douglass crawling along the yard, Covey kicked him savagely and beat him. Douglass, covered with blood, escaped and went back to his owner, Thomas Auld, to “ask for his protection.” Auld sent him back to Covey.
In a stable, Covey tried to tie Douglass up to administer a beating. “At that moment – from whence came the spirit I don’t know – I resolved to fight. I seized Covey hard by the throat, and as I did so, I rose.” The two men fought for two hours until Covey gave up. Covey lawfully could have killed Douglass for striking a white man, but, not wanting to risk his reputation as a “Negro breaker,” left him alone. As Douglass later wrote, the fight “revived within me a sense of my manhood and inspired me with a determination to be free,” a dream that Douglass realized four years later.
Most of the slaves sent to Covey were not so fortunate. –

And Donald carries on the grand tradition, torturing the ‘subject races’ with impunity. Maybe when Donny sits up late at night, he swaps stories with the ghost of Covey and they laugh, ‘the more things change the more they stay the same’. And they share a toast to the lie of western civilisation, a mask for the beast to disguise itself with, while it feasts.

Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?

The Punditocracy- Patronising Much?

Matt ‘banal’ Frei the BBC’s Washington correspondent pens an article about Iran, it’s not exactly terrible and he makes the point that Iran is not a monolithic state, there is much freedom and disagreement, but it was this that made me grind my teeth-

If I were the US government I would issue Iran with 10,000 student visas and 1,000 technology grants to Silicon Valley.
Iran boasts five million college students with higher degrees, the largest proportion in the Middle East.
Instead of encouraging them to turn into head-bashing extremists I would seduce them into becoming head-banging, iPod-wearing computer geeks.-

From what I have learned doing Iran Blogapalooza they already have mp3 players, laptops, SUV’s and very nice digital SLR’s and all that shiny consumer kipple thank you very much and they don’t need the US to patronise them as if they live in the middle fucking ages. And head bangers? Yeah down with the kids Matty boy, perhaps you could impress them with your Whitesnake cd’s, tell them about the great new Spandau Ballet sound.

This also reminds me of the drivel by Tom ‘neo-liberalism is great, I married a billionairess’ Friedman a NY Times retard who thinks globalisation is great because poor people might get to have an ipod someday, he is most famnous for the Friedman unit:-

Friedman’s writings on Iraq inspired Internet bloggers to coin the phrase “Friedman Unit”. A Friedman Unit is a unit of time equal to six months. The “Friedman Unit” refers to the phrase “the next 6 months are critical” in reference to the Iraq War that commenced in 2003. Tom Friedman first said “the next six months are critical” in 2003, shortly after the war started, and said it on multiple occasions over a period of three years.-

Still that’s the mainstream pundits, you never rock the boat too much when you’re enjoying the scraps from the captain’s table.