Delusions & Denial

Two striking cases of a person denying their wrongdoing and therefore maintaining to themselves that they are not ‘bad’ guys.:-

Prime Minister Tony Blair refused Thursday to apologise for the Iraq invasion, insisting the country is not at civil war despite mounting violence nearly four years after the 2003 conflict. “It’s a tragedy that so many have lost their lives. But they have not lost their lives because we have been trying to do the wrong thing in Iraq… We’ve been trying to do the right thing.”


A U.S. Marine charged with murdering 18 unarmed civilians in Haditha, Iraq, said in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” he regretted the deaths but would make the same decisions today. Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich admitted shooting five unarmed Iraqi men in the back in the interview and said his actions were justified because he believed the men had hostile intent toward the Marines.

The marine is being tried for his actions, will Anthony ever be made to pay? Because if he doesn’t nothing stands in the way of the next war scam. Nothing.

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Man Tortured For 4 Years Tells Torturers Everything They Want To Hear


Well Duh!

Any War, Every War

This is what war is, if you don’t think so I’m sure there’s a recruiting sergeant willing to enlist you:-

FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. (AP) – A staff sergeant gave soldiers the option of taking part in the shooting of three Iraqi detainees before the killings took place, a soldier testified Wednesday.
Staff Sgt. Ray Girouard, 24, called members of his squad into a meeting near Samarra, Iraq, in May and said the three men were going to be shot after they were freed, Pfc. Juston Graber testified. Girouard said Spc. William Husaker and Pfc. Corey Clagett were going to shoot the men, but other soldiers had the option to take part or leave, Graber said.
Girouard, 24, who is charged with murder, is the last and most senior soldier from the 101st Airborne Division to face trial for the killings during a May 9 raid on a suspected insurgent camp. He is accused of ordering soldiers in his squad to kill the men and cover up their crime as self-defense.
Graber pleaded guilty in January to aggravated assault for shooting one of the three detainees who had been wounded and was sentenced to nine months in a military jail.
Graber said that after the detainees were shot, he walked over to two of them who appeared to still be alive.
“There was one that was puking up blood and had agonizing breathing,” Graber said. “Sgt. Girouard said, ‘Go ahead and put him out of his misery.’ I felt it was the right thing to do.”
Graber pointed to a photo of the detainee that he shot, pointing out the entry wound just below his left eye. Graber said he aimed there because he knew that would cause immediate death.
Graber said although he initially didn’t tell investigators about the meeting and his “mercy killing” of the detainee, he confessed to investigators in June.
“I wanted to get it off my chest,” Graber said.
Graber was expected to be questioned by Girouard’s attorney later Wednesday.
Graber is the third soldier charged in the killings to testify against Girouard.
Husaker and Clagett testified Tuesday that Girouard gave them the order to release the three men and shoot them as they fled. They each have pleaded guilty to murder and sentenced to 18 years in military prison.
“Sgt. Girouard said Clagett and Hunsaker wanted to kill the detainees,” Graber testified Wednesday.
Hunsaker said he and Clagett took the three detainees outside, away from other soldiers. Hunsaker said that he pulled down their blindfolds and looked them in the eyes and that Clagett told them in Arabic to run.
Clagett testified Tuesday night that he dropped a knife near a detainee’s body to make it look like the detainees had attacked the soldiers. Other soldiers in the squad who have not been charged said they also heard Girouard’s plot to kill the men while on their mission but did not agree or go along with it.
The soldiers had previously told investigators they were given rules of engagement by 3rd Brigade commander Col. Michael Steele to kill all military-age men. Steele has denied this but invoked his right not to testify.

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