Free Adam Curtis Films On The Web

Should you be enjoying ‘The Trap’ (first episode available low res at h/t Blairwatch comments) and want more documentary goodness form Mr Curtis his previous two series are available on the web.

(ICH are smaller files, lower res)

Century Of The Self

The Information Clearing House

Google Video

The Power Of Nightmares

Information Clearing House

Google video

His older shows are not online, only short clips or trailers, this is a shame I hope people who may have copies of ‘The Mayfair Set’, ‘Pandora’s Box’, & ‘The Living Dead’ get sharing.

UPDATE: Big file size but best quality of both Nightmares and Self here. h/t The Tin Drum.

Fora Bush!

I was going to round up some of the completely brilliant protests against Bush down in the Americas. I thought it was worth noting that they very openly and enthusiastically label Bush as a Nazi, which so many liberal US writers think is so passe, unimaginative and extreme. But it’s accurate and maybe the protesters do it because of all the Nazis that fled to South and Latin America, who cooperated with the right wing torture regimes that the US backed, trained and funded. Comfortable US writers maybe need to think about the people at the sharp end of Bush’s regime, the poor, Iraqis, Afghanis, the imprisoned without justice, the 3/4 million plus dead.

Anyway, I think it is kind of stupid and egotistic to write about stuff that is written about well elsewhere, there is too much doubling up and regurgitation already. So, go to The Unapologetic Mexican’s round up of Bush uniting the Americas in hatred of him.

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Iran Blogapalooza- There are many forms of propaganda, Neda is taking on the ‘300’ film where fascists in a garrison state are redrawn as straight heroes and Persians are redrawn as evil perverts. There is no great surprise that Hollywood remakes history to suite its current needs for validation of the national fantasy, but some truth would be nice occasionally.

Jadi posts about the new Iranian 50000 Rial bill (just under 5 Euros, inflation is bad there) and notices how it has been used to spread the govt’s propaganda. Here in the UK we have a new note with Adam Smith on it, but not the word ‘twat’, shame.