Doubly Annoyed

First WordPress goes wobbly and I lose wysiwyg and some dashboard items, then John Reid gets to force through a vote on privatising the probation service. And I have to do all this in HTML, aaarrrggghhhhh!
Because privatised water, railways, electricity, phones, prisons all worked so well, oh wait a minute, NO THEY FUCKING DIDN’T.

This is what privatisation really does:-
Another layer of people who they can pass responsibility for fuckups onto.

Loadsa-money for them and their corporate chums, redistributing public funds upwards to the boardrooms.

2 Responses to “Doubly Annoyed”

  1. korova Says:

    Funny, I had problems last night. Power cut knocked out the main computer. Maybe there is a ploy afoot……

  2. RickB Says:

    Yes a cunning plot to stop me boring people to death with my ranty blog posts, unfortunately the CIA weren’t involved it was the software gremlins. They must have been too busy trashing your system!

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