They, Robot

I wrote a while back about the New York Police’s obedience to the Republicans when they held their shindig there in 2004. But court cases are now compelling the release of the secret planning documents that describe the operation code named Overlord II.

The Unapologetic Mexican has the full rundown of this appalling imposition of de facto martial law where protest was met with arrest but no process or release. As Nezua (who was one of the arrested) wryly points out:-

“Operation Overlord II.” Interesting analogy they set up with that name. Interesting that they didn’t mind being the Nazis in that metaphor.-

The obedient police and military followed orders which were clearly a breach of the law and bill of rights, so who stands in the way of further abuses? Not them, they have abdicated their own moral agency to the comfort of routine obedience. So I ask it again- What stands in the way of more abuse? The court cases may come later, but when it is happening to you right here, right now that is not much consolation, and if it is torture as in Gitmo you are injured and disabled forever. What Nezua is exploring is the people who do this, the low-level order following grunts who seem happy to be patriotic robots. That this role is eulogised and heralded as desirable means you have the foot soldiers of fascism in a culture that is ready to succumb. That the poverty, created by the American capitalist excess provides eager recruits for these patriotic death cults is no accident. The depression of the thirties created a pool of poverty that Italian and German fascists successfully exploited to seize power, corporatism does the same without the need for an economic downturn.

The military has been used in Iraq to progress a corporate agenda and the only troops that have good equipment and better life expectancy are the Blackwater and other private firms mercenaries. The private military are using the poverty drafted regular army as cannon fodder. What is supreme is extreme right wing ideologues and their corporate power bases.

The poor deluded souls who think they are fighting for God and Country are brutalized and if they survive can be ploughed back into the domestic roles of police and prison guards where their damaged minds push brutality on their fellow citizens. The ones who excel and pass the ideological tests join Blackwater etc. to become the corporate elites hired muscle. When law and order broke down post Katrina in New Orleans it was mercenary crews that patrolled the streets (because the National Guard were all used up in Iraq- taxpayer funded yet advancing a agenda of most benefit only to corporate elites, the public commons being plundered by the govt. which is loyal not to the people or country but their corporate selves), largely unanswerable to the (few) controls police have they roamed with impunity. Many of them were fresh (ie. within days) from Iraq and many went back afterward, they stole from the survivors , confiscated theirs guns (where was the NRA then? Seems they don’t care about Brown people’s gun rights) and basically treated the locals like they treated the Iraqi’s. Thus domestic repression was successfully tested which brings me back to- What stands in the way of the next putsch?

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