I Heard The News Today, Oh Boy!

Actually the most important thing I’ve seen/heard/read is Sy Hersh’s New Yorker article about the Bush mob’s exciting new ideas to completely fuck the whole world up. Basically it boils down to ‘let’s incite another Islamic civil war and we’ll back the Sunnis’ so just an old style divide and conquer scam. What was horrific reading through the article is the utterly immoral realpolitik that Bush/Cheney practice. As Sam Seder noted it should set off alarm bells when John ‘Honduran death squad’ Negroponte (and implementer of death squads in Iraq under the moniker the Salvador Option) wants out of the dark deeds the neo-cons are involved in. What the hell they are doing to disgust a perennial scumfuck like Negroponte is alarming, not a single legal or ethical or moral line exists for these people. They used the Iraq ‘reconstruction’ to funnel billions of dollars in cash into Iraq, which they then disappeared to fund their completely illegal activities. Iran-contra looks like a fairytale compared to what they are doing now,

In clear bullet points-

The US Govt. is secretly funding terrorists (nothing new there).

The Republican administration is avoiding congressional oversight because it knows what it is doing is illegal (nothing new there).

The Bush Cheney gang is saying they don’t want war while planning to attack a Middle Eastern country (nothing new there).

They’re being really ambitious this time, they want no less than an Islamic civil war between Sunni and Shia where they are backing the Sunni and a few pet Shia. This isn’t because they like the Sunni’s they just see it as a useful tool to kill lot’s of people who are in the way of their sick empire.

What might be new is this; They are making very sure that they are creating conflicts that whoever the next administration is will have no other choice but to continue and escalate. Thus their agenda will only be partially upset by a change in govt. (Dem or Repub). This is the neo-cons contempt for democracy becoming clear, the empire will not be derailed by cosmetic changes of govt. Given that it is now estimated that it will take a minimum of $200 million to run for president and war makes a profit for the military -industrial-congressional complex (that is the full Eisenhower quote, they often leave off the congress bit at the end) and capitalism needing constant growth to work (if it can be said to work) as a system, plus the finite resources causing conflict for control of them. The 21st century is shaping up to be as dystopian as you like.

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