This Picture Makes Me Nauseous & I’m Not Even Australian


John Howard has found true love at last. And just feel the humanity they both ooze for David Hicks:-

AUSTRALIAN Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks was near the head of the queue for consideration for judicial processing, US Vice-President Dick Cheney declared yesterday amid growing concern at Hicks’s prolonged incarceration.

Prime Minister John Howard raised Hicks’s five years in detention without trial in a meeting with Mr Cheney in Sydney. At a joint press conference later, Mr Howard said he had no sympathy for the accused terrorist but believed he should be brought to trial “as soon as humanly possible”.

“Mr Hicks is near the head of the queue,” Mr Cheney said. “We can’t interfere with that process … we’re not allowed to call over and say, ‘When are you going to be through?”-

Oh yeah, Cheney has no pull with the Pentagon. Scumfuck.

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Wha? US Army Re-Charges Ehren Watada

Because the first trial was a mistrial and the Bushco ordered victimisation doesn’t worry much about the double jeopardy concept, here they go again:-

The Army refiled charges Friday after his first court-martial was declared a mistrial. First Lt. Ehren Watada, 28, who refused to deploy with his unit last June, faces the same allegations he initially faced – missing movement and conduct unbecoming an officer – and could be sentenced to a dishonorable discharge and six years in prison if convicted. The Army has not set a date for a second court-martial.

“We’re back to square one,” Fort Lewis spokeswoman Leslie Kaye said.

Watada’s first trial began early this month but ended abruptly when the judge, Lt. Col. John Head, said he did not believe the soldier fully understood a pretrial agreement he signed admitting elements of the charges. Watada’s attorney, Eric Seitz, said he would seek to have the charges dismissed as a violation of the Constitution’s protection against double jeopardy.

“When it’s not going well for you, you can’t just call a mistrial and start over again,” Seitz said. “No matter how much lip service they give to wanting to protect my client’s rights, that just doesn’t exist in the military courts.”

Watada faces one charge of missing movement and another of conduct unbecoming of an officer. The latter charge accuses him in four instances of making public statements criticizing the war or President Bush.

Watada freely admitted missing the deployment and making the statements in the pretrial agreement. Before the mistrial was declared, he had planned to take the witness stand to argue that his motives were to avoid committing war crimes by participating in an illegal war.-

Watada did what in theory any Army member can, refuse an illegal order; That is the veneer which lets the army pretend it is civilised, but look what happens when one man actually does fulfil his duty as an officer not to participate in illegal wars.

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Alter Rally

The big rallies in Glasgow and London are happening and the numbers for London range from 2,000 to 100,000. Unfortunately there was a train crash which allowed the news shows to concentrate on that and the Welsh Labour conference in Llandudno was completely missed by protesters, though this may have something to do with it being in Llandudno (oh come on it’s not like it’s Rhyl). Meanwhile here at the under volcano base that is tenpercent HQ the work is ongoing to launch a new feature that should debut next week and concerns the sabre rattling regarding Iran. Meanwhile in Australia Cheney continues to war pimp:-

“We haven’t taken any options off the table,” Cheney said in an interview with the US ABC News network from Australia, where he is traveling.

“A nuclear-armed Iran is not a very pleasant prospect for anybody to think about,” Cheney said. “We need to continue to do everything we can to make sure they don’t achieve that objective.” Cheney was speaking a day after the International Atomic Energy Agency issued a report saying that Iran had not halted, and in fact had expanded, its uranium enrichment program, defying a UN Security Council demand to stop by this week.

The UN nuclear watchdog’s report brought new calls for tough UN sanctions on Tehran, and the six major powers dealing with Iran’s suspected push to develop nuclear weapons will meet in London on Monday to mull their response to Iran’s reticence, the US State Department said Thursday. The United States, France and Britain called Thursday for tougher Security Council sanctions on Tehran, while Germany, China and Russia have taken softer stances ahead of the meeting.-

India, Pakistan, N.Korea all became nuclear powers in the last 5 years, a process that ultimately was handled by negotiation. And who started this recent round of escalation by reneging on international agreements? George and Dick. Who showed that by attacking Iraq because they knew it had no WMD that the only way to be safe from assault was to have functional WMD? George and Dick (&Tony). And who wants to sell the UK new nuclear weapons so we remain dependent on them and give an ass load of money to the defence contractors they are synonymous with? George And Dick, and Tony. And who gets to die in all the shit they are causing? NOT George or Dick or Tony.

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