FNT: The Day Today- You’ve Lost The News

Because Richard Wolffe IS Peter O’Hanarha-hanrahan. A pompous geisha for the hegemony he serves.

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PT Barnum Would Be Proud

So you know how there was lot’s of attention to UK troops withdrawing from Iraq? Well that’s because they will be needed to increase the force in Afghanistan. So say it with me now- announce withdrawal on one day, everyone praises you, don’t mention the increase for Afghanistan until Friday (paging Mr. Dump). That is disrespectful of the electorate and the troops. And in a spot of own trumpet blowing, I wrote- don’t get too excited- failing to jump on the woohoo we’re withdrawing bandwagon. What’s also worth knowing is that MSM journos almost definitely knew about this but were not saying, after all there were rumours via Military Familes Against The War that family members were getting new deployments. So if I can manage not to buy into the withdrawal hoopla why can’t professional journalists resist? Is Royalty SO beguiling?

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David Hicks


If that name doesn’t mean much to you (an Australian man sold for $1000 by Afghan warlords to the US, been in Gitmo concentration camp ever since) then Korova the proprietor of Mask Of Anarchy has made a little slide movie which you can go and watch (apparently it won’t embed on wordpress) so go there.

Planet Of The Apes Is Here, Now!

Holy fucking shit, someone call Chuck Heston!

-Chimpanzees in Senegal have been observed making and using wooden spears to hunt other primates, according to a study in the journal Current Biology.- 

So that’s creationists being superceded, maybe they can be servants for the monkeys while we and the chimps discuss irony and Darwin.

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