Bush Okay’d Arafat Murder?

The Ariel Sharon biography yields more intrigue than George’s homosexuality:-

Just before he died, Uri Dan, who had been Ariel Sharon’s loyal mouthpiece for almost 50 years, published a book in France. It includes a report of a conversation Sharon told him about, with President (George W.) Bush. Sharon asked for permission to kill Arafat and Bush gave it to him, with the proviso that it must be done undetectably. When Dan asked Sharon whether it had been carried out, Sharon answered: “It’s better not to talk about that.” Dan took this as confirmation. –

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Bush On Bin Laden- “I will screw him in the ass!”

Speaking of George Bush, with whom Sharon developed a very close relationship, Uri Dan recalls that Sharon’s delicacy made him reluctant to repeat what the president had told him when they discussed Osama bin Laden. Finally he relented. And here is what the leader of the Western world, valiant warrior in the battle of cultures, promised to do to bin Laden if he caught him: “I will screw him in the ass!”

Revealed in Ariel Sharon’s biography. Is anyone really surprised Bush is a violent closet case? But wait does this mean we can recast the last 7 years as a sweeping romantic epic? He tried to kill his dad but George couldn’t stop loving him? I’m seeing Clooney and Art Malik, we’re talking Oscars here people.

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Richard Wolffe Is A Very Stupid Man

Richard Wolffe the senior Whitehouse correspondent for Newsweek is a complete idiot. I heard him on the Young Turks show (Sam Seder had yet to download, he da man) arguing how terrorists are bad because they target civilians but the US is not bad because they don’t intentionally target civilians, collateral damage is unfortunate and not deliberate. Well bullshit you intellectually stunted arsewit, you think the US doesn’t target civilians? If you are using tactics that habitually kill non-combatants then after the first mistake you stop; change tactics. If however you continue you are intentionally killing them, you retard. He says the question of intent is important in murder. Yes it is and you are unable to ask that question honestly because you are too embedded with the establishment that tells you about how honourable the US military is while it kills ¾ million people, you absolute cretin. Added to that in the long history of US military aggression many civilians have been killed, (maybe you could learn about that, Dick, y’know read a book or ask a survivor of a US airstrike where the rest of their family are) so gee I guess they just keep making the same unfortunate mistake but they mean well so it’s ok, we’re still the good guys.

This man is a well paid very influential journalist and pundit who shapes the news and the opinions of the fools who read Newsweek but his grasp of the human condition is around the level of a bad western, and worst of all I’m sure he think he does a good job and he is a good man. This is why the MSM is derided and despised they just don’t get how compromised they are, and the ones that do, don’t fucking care. In Wolffe’s case he’s obviously not clever enough to know he’s being had, but somehow I’ve managed not to find any pity for him (please no applause), wanker. On the up side according to a profile- he’s British (so he’ll understand truly what a wanker is) and supposedly around my age but looks at least 50 odd, sometimes karma does work.

UPDATE: Wolffe went back onto ‘The Young Turks’ to answer (particularly Glenn Greenwald’s) charges and proved with every smug arrogant word the MSM are fuct, he misrepresented US and European media to wriggle out of Greenwald’s well aimed charges. Bottom line- he feels no guilt about being part of the machine that enabled 3/4 million deaths, wanker.

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How Far We’ve Fallen

I have quite a yen for dystopian Sci-Fi, where terrible futures sometimes only set ‘tomorrow’ show us where we might end up. 1984, Brazil, The Handmaid’s Tale and Blade Runner -they are shocking because the day-to-day environment depicted is so horribly different and oppressive. But that is also a flaw to some extent, the absolute shock of a different future culture somewhat alienates us and we can reject the works themes as too far fetched or say that it could never happen because people would react against it. But what they misunderstand is the route to the terrible future is slow and the changes gradual (mushroom soup) the startlingly different and terrible tomorrow is always possible given time and the wrong choices.

Those with wit, insight and imagination (and the good taste to read this post) take this in their stride to enable the suspense of disbelief needed to appreciate the works. So it was a bit jarring when I saw the ad below, it had intruded from a future nightmare. Even to those of us who follow these things, for me this made me stop and write this post, things are bad, sign up (if you’re a US citizen) to make it better.


UPDATE: I meant to also say is that it was jarring because it was an ad, in the same space as commercials as if civilisation was as ephemeral as broadband providers or snack food.

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Iranian President Shuts Down Conservative Website

Ok, this takes some understanding, it’s sort of the equivalent of Bush shutting down Little Green Morons. It seems (according to the Grauniad report, so pinch of salt may be required) it’s more to do with the site criticising him for looking at women dancing, which the loony hardliners running it disapprove of and as a show of intent for new justice minister and Ahmadinejad fanboy (kind of a Tony Snow character) Gholamhossein Elham. So to protect his image as defender of the faith he has had its server yanked.

It also seems to have something to do with the weekends bombing, perhaps because if US agitators are seen to be blowing people up on his manor he loses face. Bush is not the American people, Ahmadinejad is not the Iranian people they are both authoritarian pricks. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Some kind of gladiator contest in a futuristic arena on Mars, or something.

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Maurice Papon- R.I.H. Rot In Hell

French fascist extraordinaire Maurice Papon is dead, good. Here are the great things he did:-

Rounding up Jews in Bordeaux for the Nazis to send to death camps, 1,690 people including 223 children. Motherfucker.

Ran the torture regime in Algeria. Motherfucker.

As Paris Police chief he mobilised his men to massacre 200 Algerian workers demonstrating for independence, dumping their bodies in the Seine. (One of the subjects of Michael Haneke’s ‘Hidden/Cache’ ). Motherfucker.

Got rich when DeGaulle put him into a plum aerospace executive job. Motherfucker.

And what did he say? “neither regrets nor remorse for a crime I did not commit and for which I am in no way an accomplice.” Motherfucker.

And in other news the cop in charge of shooting Jean Charles de Menezes is promoted, did I mention that Papon was consistently promoted and awarded the Légion d’Honneur by President Charles de Gaulle in 1962? He was only stripped of it when his sheer motherfuckingliness became too obvious for the elite to cover up. It took 36 years for this to happen, so Ms. Shooty probably has nothing to worry about, Motherfucker.

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