Be Thankful To The People Of Italy

1. Even when Prodi wimps out and lets the Empire expand, they go out and say NO:-

Tens of thousands of Italians under heavy police guard marched on Saturday through the city of Vicenza to protest against the expansion of a U.S. military base that has divided the centre-left government.
Leftists who last year voted for Prime Minister Romano Prodi, an Iraq war opponent, turned out in droves to decry his approval for U.S. plans to expand the military base in Vicenza

2. Indicting CIA Kidnappers.

3. Monica Bellucci


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Albert Gonzales Just Loves That Ol’ Timey Segregation

Secretly and in violation of the law that he is supposedly the upholder of Albert ‘It’s not torture if I say it isn’t’ Gonzales’s justice department has quietly begun to segregate Muslim and Middle-eastern prisoners. They are then put under restricted privileges and constant monitoring:-

Implemented in December, the special “Communications Management Unit” (CMU) at a federal penitentiary in Indiana targeting Muslim and Middle-Eastern inmates was not implemented through the process required by federal law.

Under the CMU program, telephone communications must be conducted using monitored phone lines, be live-monitored by staff, are subject to recording, and must be in English only. All letters must be reviewed by staff prior to delivery or sending. Visits must be non-contact only, live-monitored, and subject to recording in English.

Dr. Dhafir was convicted for violating US sanctions against Iraq, because he had sent humanitarian aid to the country during the restricted period. Dhafir was not charged with any terrorism related activities or a violent offense.

The current unit has at present only 16 prisoners, but is expected to have 60-70 more added soon. Dhafir writes that the CMU “is still not fully understood. The staff here is struggling to make sense of the whole situation,” and says that the prisoners are “so far treated with great respect and good accommodation” but “with the new system we will have absolutely no privacy.” The letter has been posted on a support site for Dhafir.

Paul Wright, the editor of Prison Legal News, told Raw Story that “segregating prisoners based on their race, national origin or language directly contradicts the recent US supreme court ruling in Johnson v. California which held that the racial segregation of prisoners was illegal.” –

When they tried to implement this last year they were stopped, so now it looks like they are going ahead secretly, nevermind the law. I now feel the need to play my favourite five minutes of American TV since ‘Twin Peaks’.

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War Pimps- How Journalist’s Egos Co-opt Them Into Lying

From Talking Points Memo:-

A reporter friend told me recently that the administration is saying on background that the really slam-dunk evidence they’re not yet able to release.-

This is how it works-

Wow, I get to hang out with Generals and Presidents, I’m a great person.

I am so great that they trust me with important information, insider stuff, they see me as an equal.

Me and my important friends know the real score they can’t say all they know but that’s only right, you can’t panic the little people with that kind of stuff. And I trust they are acting in Good Faith.

My friends lied to me? Oh who gives a shit we’re all so rich now it doesn’t matter, I’ve got a book coming out you know.

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