Brave Cancer Cells Fail To Halt Bush’s Surge

-US President George W. Bush had two moles removed from his left temple at the White House, a spokesman said, noting that the moles were believed to be harmless.

Biopsy results are expected in the middle of next week, he said, adding that Bush would have a scab on his temple for up to 10 days. Bush underwent a similar procedure in December 2004- 

Is this even true? Or did the feckin’ eejit fall down drunk again and gashed his head? But please a moments silence for the moles, they have gone to a better place. Their sacrifice shall not be forgotten.

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John Howard- Me Love You Long Time GI Joe

The Empire gets John ‘wanker’ Howard to sell out his country just a bit more and gets to build another outpost:-

AUSTRALIA’S close military alliance with the United States is to be further entrenched with the building of a high-tech communications base in Western Australia.

The Federal Government is about to approve the base after three years of secret negotiations with Washington.

A visiting fellow at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Philip Dorling, said that once the base was operating it would be almost impossible for Australia to be fully neutral or stand back from any war in which the US was involved. –

There is also more about Howard’s pathetic neo-con ass licking over at Mask Of Anarchy where the betrayal of Aussie citizen David Hicks is detailed, he has been in Gitmo for 5 years where he is being tortured into mental illness. Howard’s scumfucks claim he is fine but as they are the same people who are failing to protect him or ask for his release only the stupid are convinced.

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FNT: Lost Highway- David Lynch

It’s a mobius strip baby.

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Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous- The Gilded Cage

This survey of the priciest streets includes Kensington where I once lived (in a studio flat round the corner from Freddie Mercury’s house by the noisiest traffic junction in London) and most significantly Hill Top a road in Hale (average house value £1,849,392) which I used to deliver newspapers to as a kid. It was hilarious, the long drives of each big house made it the road I did the most distance on but delivered the least number of papers. What is interesting is that then (80’s) I could easily walk up to the front doors of the houses, now they are all behind heavy iron gates and fences with intercoms and security cameras. So I hope they are enjoying their gilded cages; In reference to an earlier post, enjoy eating that cake.

PS. Y’know reading that back it occurs to me that what makes an area desirable and expensive is that I once lived thereabouts. Hey estate agents make your bids now, put me up (in luxury) in an area you want to become a boomtown (plus £300 a day expenses) and bingo! Soon only multi-millionaires will be able to buy a house, sweet.
And then I’ll move into the guillotine business…

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Bring It The Fuck On Baby- Rendition Comes Home To Roost

Italy orders 26, count ’em, 26, US scumfucks to stand trial and 5 Italians including Italy’s ex-military intelligence chief and chum of Berlusconi, Nicolo Pollari. Who is also a good pal of Cheney and Rice:-

SAN FRANCISCO-Italian journalists and parliamentary investigators are hot on the trail of how pre-Iraq War Italian forged documents were delivered to the White House alleging that Saddam Hussein had obtained yellowcake uranium ore from Niger.

New links implicating Italian companies and individuals with then-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi now raise the question of whether Berlusconi received a payback as part of the deal — namely, a Pentagon contract to build the U.S. president’s special fleet of helicopters.

According to La Repubblica, Nicola Pollari, the head of SISMI, tried to dispel the CIA’s misgivings about the authenticity of the yellowcake papers and failed. Castellaneta then arranged for Pollari to bypass the CIA and meet directly with then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and Stephen Hadley, Rice’s chief deputy and currently national security advisor. The meeting took place on Sept. 9, 2002, in the White House, and has been confirmed by White House officials.

And check this:-

Those indicted include the former station chief of CIA operations in Milan, Robert Seldon Lady, who says his opposition to the proposal to kidnap the imam was over-ruled. –

So it goes higher (like we didn’t already know) and they probably won’t get to extradite the defendants, but along with Germany it’s a start.

UPDATE: And in related news:-

A top European investigator into alleged secret CIA detention centres and flights across the continent said Friday that the United States had turned down his request for a visit to the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The special investigator at the Council of Europe, the continent’s top human rights watchdog, said the US had denied him permission to question detainees at Guantanamo. “If I cannot speak freely with detainees – as I understand from the American reply – such a visit would be pointless,” Council investigator Dick Marty said in a statement.

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