The Capone


The Capone is when notorious criminals are finally brought to justice, not for their worst crimes, but for ancillary smaller crimes (Al Capone was jailed for tax evasion not murder). In the US ‘Scooter’ Libby is on trial for leaking the identity of a CIA spy, part of a Bushco conspiracy to punish her husband for pointing out a big lie about Iraq’s nuclear ambitions in their war pimping. Here Blair plc. is up shit creak over loans/gifts/bribes for peerages. And the 3/4 million murdered in Iraq? That’s just the price of doing business, as Al would say.

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    […] in the Beeb as well as the US establishment (or just good lawyers)? Or is he worried that like Capone they won’t get him for his murderous ways but on a financial […]

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