The Capone


The Capone is when notorious criminals are finally brought to justice, not for their worst crimes, but for ancillary smaller crimes (Al Capone was jailed for tax evasion not murder). In the US ‘Scooter’ Libby is on trial for leaking the identity of a CIA spy, part of a Bushco conspiracy to punish her husband for pointing out a big lie about Iraq’s nuclear ambitions in their war pimping. Here Blair plc. is up shit creak over loans/gifts/bribes for peerages. And the 3/4 million murdered in Iraq? That’s just the price of doing business, as Al would say.

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HAL’s Links

HAL small I’d rather be permanently disassembled Dave than have Vista installed, even if it comes with a free Daisy mp3.

Gordon Brown (don’t mention honours, I mentioned it once and I think I got away with it) wants more compulsion to make 16-18 year olds stay in school or train for work, fine. My oldest niece gets paid to pursue her A-levels, but when it comes to university you will enter a world of huge debt. Of course the people who made University so pricey got huge grants, could claim benefits and rent payments, they consequently left with little or no debt. So what they want is people trained enough to serve them, in shops, restaurants, garages but not educated enough to threaten their superior position. And this from a Labour govt. Pish.

Germany issues warrants for the arrest of CIA rendition spooks, you see Germany is trying to learn from its history my American chums.

BBC downloads good, crippling DRM restrictions not so good, they say if you don’t watch something you downloaded in 48 Hrs you won’t watch it period. This is not true, ( I watched a documentary at the weekend that I’d had for some months) why should the hard drive in my mac be treated differently to the hard drive in a set top recorder? Or even my VCR? UPDATE: From the commentsAlso note that the proposed BBC iPlayer will be Windows only.

Remember: Heavy publicity over arrests is a terrorist tactic indulged in by governments to make people scared and pliable. Compare with the BNP eejits arrested with NCB suits and a rocket launcher, Oh you didn’t hear about that? Read that first sentence again.

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DO NOT Go To Florida!


So you get raped, but the Florida cops find a warrant on an unpaid fine, so you are arrested, denied a morning after pill because the medic is a loony right to lifer (thus misunderstanding how the morning after pill works) and the hunt for the rapist is delayed and you spend two days in jail to add to the trauma of the rape. These are the same Florida cops who intimidate you if you try to request a form to report police misbehaviour and who went paramilitary on fair trade protesters. That would be Florida that Jeb Bush runs giving the election to brother George in 2000, are we seeing a pattern here? DO NOT go to Florida!

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