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Mooching round the web, (the non trademark verb for Googling, like vacuuming rather than hoovering) looking for ‘Ambrosia Sings the News‘ clips from early Air America radio I came upon this blog (The proprietor also made a feature film which you can download -for free- which I will watch and review soon). One of his entries was a ‘while I was looking round the web’ post (we are getting so meta these days, in the old days they barely cared about ontological ironies… or rickets) about this photo essay on the locals salvaging space rockets that come down around them after the launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakstan. With some additional mooching I also got the dark side to this story, of the pollution from the launches ruining peoples lives, (many of the payloads are now satellites for large corporations, so satellite TV really does cost the earth). Real life is more interesting than *Borat*.

I then concluded that this reminded me a lot of both Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’ and the story of its making and subsequent deaths largely caused by the pollution they were exposed to while shooting. I plan a much bigger post about ‘Stalker’ and the tales around it but for now, enjoy the pics and the bitter after taste of the consequences.

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