Mushroom Soup



When you have some downtime and get some distance from constant info-bombardment you can get an inkling of the big picture, the trees resolve themselves into the dark forest. There are a couple of sayings that are often applied to how we citizens are managed on planet earth, old chestnuts, cliches if you will.

1. If you put a frog into a pan of boiling water it will jump out (don’t do this at home kids, the frog will be badly hurt). But if you place a frog in a pan of cold water then gently heat it the frog will remain and be boiled to death eventually.

2. Treat the people like mushrooms, keep them in the dark and feed them on shit.

I don’t even know if the frog thing is true and as a vegetarian I don’t recommend any research in this area. But it is a metaphor for how incrementally small changes over time will go unnoticed while radical change will be seen and perhaps fought against. The lesson for the canny politician is to achieve your ends, do it slowly. The mushroom joke shows how secrecy is also to be employed to mislead and manage the populace. Combine these two together and you get Mushroom Soup. That’s how they want us, uninformed, lied to and unaware of the creeping changes that are happening until it is too late. What is the overall strategy of the Bush Imperium? Do they want to divide and conquer the middle east by inciting Islamic civil war? Or are they as dumb as they appear? Or somewhere in between?

The mainstream corporate media are happy to make us all into a vast river of mushroom soup, the real price might be World War 3.

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