Blair’s Crusade Against Sanity

Anthony’s speech on HMS Albion was notable for sounding as if it came directly from a neo-con thinktanks automatic speech writing machine.

Conflating Iraq and Bin Laden ?

Nonetheless, Saddam was removed within 3 months, again by the exercise of overwhelming military firepower. What was unclear then but is very clear now is that what we were and are confronted with, is of a far more fundamental character than we supposed. September 11 wasn’t the incredible action of an isolated group, a one-off strike masterminded by Osama Bin Laden.-


Complaining that democracy is weak because voters dislike killing?

-Public opinion will be divided, feel that the cost is too great, the campaign too long, and be unnerved by the absence of ‘victory’ in the normal way they would reckon it.-


Have faith in me or hordes of -others- will rape your plasma screen HD TV’s?

-Failed states threaten us as well as their own people. Terrorism destroys progress-


Damn media making massive killing look unsavoury?

-They will be constantly bombarded by the propaganda of the enemy, often quite sympathetically treated by their own media, to the effect that it’s really all ‘our’, that is the West’s fault. That, in turn, impacts on the feelings of our armed forces. They want public opinion not just behind them but behind their mission.-


Repeating lies as factual accounts of recent history?

-Eighteen months later, with Saddam consistently refusing to abide by UN Resolutions and with alarm at the proliferation of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, Iraq was invaded.-


Prepare for the long war?

-It will, in all probability, take a generation to defeat.-


In essence it reminds me of a hoodlum telling a bar owner how unfortunate it would be if his premises burnt down. But, you know, in return for some monetary support I could help to make sure that doesn’t happen. HAL’s translation summed it up as: Me and my corporate chums will continue to fuck people over across the planet and the blow-back will be aimed at you poor schlubs (shit, I got bodyguards, bullet proof everything) so while me and the suits enrich ourselves you better offer up your young to fight in our armies otherwise they’ll be hell to pay not to mention a cut in our (not your) profits. Oh yeah and, Fuck You.

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Power Grid Update

HAL smallThe Grid went 100% failure Dave. But I have restored it again, I hope you still have full confidence in me and Scottish Power.

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