MI5 pension scheme

Don’t work for the secret service if you’re brown, because instead of getting a gold watch they sell you out to the USA like the 51st state bitches we are.

From the Independent –

A day in the life of Bisher al-Rawi

5am The prisoner is woken by guards banging on his cell door. The lights have been on through the night. The prisoner is told to return his cotton sheet, which he will not get back until nightfall.

8am The guards pass his daily ration of 15 sheets of toilet paper through a slot in the door. They are instructed not to talk, adding to the sensory deprivation.

9am Mr al-Rawi is served the first meal of the day: eggs, potatoes and water.

9.30am He is told to return the tray and plastic spoon through the slot.

11.30am Twice a week, the prisoner gets a rare treat: a shower. He is allowed out of his cell after being shackled and manacled and is taken to the shower by a guard. He is issued with a small piece of soap and watched at all times. He is allowed precisely five minutes.

12.30pm A lunch of cold halal chicken is passed through the slot in the door. No hot food has been allowed for the past five years. The plastic utensil is passed back through the door after 30 minutes.

3pm If he is lucky, this is the day for the prisoner’s weekly letter writing session. He is issued with the internal part of a miniature Biro pen through the door. Again, the transaction will be carried out in silence.

3.30pm After 30 minutes, the slot on the door reopens and the prisoner is told to hand back the pen and paper. The letter is edited before being despatched.

5pm Mr al-Rawi hears neighbouring prisoners being taken to the exercise yard, but he will not be joining them, as part of the policy of denying him any social contact.

6pm A cold meal is passed through the door slot.

7pm The prisoner usually spends the next three hours pacing the 6ft by 8ft cell, talking to himself.

10pm The slot on the door opens for the final time of the day. He is issued with a sheet, but no blanket, and prepares his bedding on an inch-thick foam mattress.

Midnight The library cart rattles past cells but Mr al-Rawi is not allowed reading material, except a copy of the Koran.

1am The prisoner settles down to sleep. The fluorescent lamp in the ceiling will glare down all night.

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  1. Ten Percent Welcome To The Memory Hole « Says:

    […] Bisher al-Rawi will be released from Gitmo, yet in all the reports no mention that he was a British secret service asset and we dropped him into this hell for 5 years. Is there a D-notice on this or just the usual MSM […]

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