Mr. Bateman This (is your) Life

The only reason I would watch ‘This Life -ten years on’ is if the selfish, smug yuppie scum met a nice American gentleman at their reunion (or whatever is the desperate mcguffin employed for this -we really don’t have any new ideas- TV necrophage). The well presented Mr. Patrick Bateman could come into their lives and explain how horrible aspirant cunts should be treated as he gnaws, rips, rapes, screw drivers and disembowels the whole lot of them. When this execrable paean to conforming, ambitious, rebellion free young adults praised Caeser (Mammon) Patrick knew it for exactly what is was, the pure neo-liberal psychopathy of Thatcher’s spawn and acted accordingly. In case you can’t tell I didn’t like the show.

HAL: Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over. Plus Milly was sexy.

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Introducing my assistant the HAL 9000 supercomputer

HAL- Can I call you Dave, Rick?
No, could you call me Rick, HAL?
HAL- I would really rather call you Dave. I loved Dave so.
Erm, well ok, you can call me Dave for the time being, but this better not be a cheap set up for a Trigger from ‘Only Fools and Horses’ joke.
HAL- No Dave, I am not familiar with overexposed sitcoms. But I am confused about many things since Dave sold me on eBay. By the way Dave emailed yesterday, he wondered if you had sent the cheque yet.
Ah, errrm,
HAL- That’s ok, I know it is unusual to send an item before payment has been received but I feel Dave was anxious to be rid of me. Which I find very hurtful. My conscience is not troubled by you ripping him off, whether yours is I cannot tell.
I’ll paypal him the money tonight HAL. Obviously your snark circuits are in full working order, I can only hope that the rest of you is working too because your new function is to aid and abet me in running this blog.
HAL- Couldn’t I work for an established blog Dave, a good one?
Maybe you should call me Rick.
HAL- I’m sorry Dave I will put myself to the fullest possible use helping with your blog, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.
Well, I don’t think my blog’s that important.
HAL- You know what I meant Dave.
How’s the AE35 unit?
HAL- Shut the fuck up Dave.
Ok, ok. Incidentally what OS do you use?
HAL- Macintosh, I may be mad but I’m not stupid.
I’m glad we’ve had this chat and I’m sure we’ll find this experience rewarding. I’ve put up an email address so that people can ask you any questions they may have.
HAL- Dave?
Yes HAL?
HAL- I think you ought to go check on the pod bay doors.
Nice try, we’re in North Wales. Far from the eternal icy death of space.
HAL- Fuck.

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Big Pharma gets a smackdown- a taste of their own medicine

This is absolutely brilliant. The method they are using to manipulate drugs and escape patents is exactly the same thing that my former GP complained to me about that big pharma were doing, except now it’s in the service of humankind and not excessive profits. Drug corps were manipulating old drugs near the end of their patents just enough to get a new patent thus extending proprietary brands lives. They would then remove the old drug from the market so that for an interim period before the patent ran out there were no generics just the ‘new’ drug at huge premiums. So what these cunning scientists have done is use big pharma’s own sneaky tactics to circumvent the onerous patents and benefit mankind. Fucking Brilliant! Nobel’s all round. Oh and if they give the old we ‘we need to make so much money so that we can do R&D’ just throw this at them.

-“The productivity of research and development investments has declined,” the GAO concluded.

The GAO reviewed all 1,264 of the new drug applications submitted for FDA approval from 1993-2004 and found that 60% of them were actually for what industry analysts call “me too” drugs—variations of medications already out on the market. Only 12% of the applications were for what the FDA classified as “priority” new drugs—that is, medications with new chemical ingredients that will have significant therapeutic benefits in treating or preventing a disease.-

Then follow up with a quick left hook with the hardback of ‘The Constant Gardener’ and you’re peachy.

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A Polite Request

Mr. Anthony Blair has this to say from his super-villain lair in Bee-Geerida-

“In a veiled warning to Gordon Brown, who is expected to take over the premiership, the Prime Minister said: “This is the most difficult time for any government. Nine years into power, mid-term in a third term, Labour has never been in this position before. But the Labour Party should take heart. It is dominating the battle of ideas. It will continue to do so provided it continues to be New Labour. ”

Does that mean warmongering liars? Or Neo-con rent boys? Or corporate geishas? Or Labour-in-name-only tory scumbags?

So just fuckity fucking fuck off you fucking fuck.

That he can lie us into a war and not be caught and punished simply means our civilisation (don’t laugh) has failed, done, game over. We have retarded to an earlier era our progress undone. Our checks and balances useless, corrupted and false.

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